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Bonnie, the Stubborn Spontaneous Dream Big Wanna-Be Over Achiever and Chris, the Mr. Fix-All-Go-To Indispensable "MacGyver" of ShellB...

ShellB found its way into our lives by chance.   It came into our lives when we least expected it and we could not wait to see what all it could become.  Not only is it an incredibly beautiful backdrop for Blink Photography, aka The Blink Lady, we felt it needed to be shared even more.  We take all who are interested and whom we share ShellB with very personally.  It means the world to us that others see the beauty in ShellB as we do.  With that said, we are extremely excited to offer the property for the many special events you all have.

"Eventually all the pieces fall into place.  Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment and KNOW that everything happens for a reason!"  ShellB Acres came to us, we feel, for a reason and with that, we plan to give back to our community and children as much as we can. We have so much appreciation for "John" who made all this possible.  God Bless You and sincerely from the bottom of our hearts.. Thank YOU!

2013 ShellB Acres